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Lunch 11:30~13:30L.O.
(only for dinner on Thursday and Friday)
Dinner 18:00~21:30L.O.
Closed for Wednesday and the first Thursday


※Please kindly note that we do not allow children aged below 10.

※We will require 100% cancellation fee (of the either lunch or dinner course) if you cancel your reservation on the date of your reservation.

Frenity House 2F, 1-17-7 Uehara, Shibuya-ku,
Tokyo 151-0064
TEL 03-6407-1271 



A la carte menu
prices represent additional prices to be charged
at the Prifix course.

Antipasti (Starter)

2 Kinds cooking method of sardine.
1 : Marnated sardine served with green perilla puree,fennel seed and
Shiroita-kelp.A hint of orange
2 : Grilled bread crumbs of sardine served with rhubarb confiture,
wild rocket and gingerbread.

Soft pumpkin mousse and foie gras terrine with
foam of rosemary tea.

Carne salata: horse meat from Kumamoto prefecture
which is pressed by kelp and salt.
Served with lettuce puree,castelmagno (hard cheese made from cow’s milk),
waltnuts and red wine vinegar gelee.

Sauteed bigfin reef squid and gnocchetti curdo ( which is made
with minced raw bigfin reef squid,leaf buds and pine nuts).
Served with sautéed Kagabuto-cucumber and
tomato coulis(light tomato sauce).
A hint of bergamot.

Sauteed bullfrog legs (bullfrog coated with rice flour) .
Served with rice puree ,puffed rice,
sautéed Kinji-sou(Okinawan spinach)
and Shia-rakkyo(Okinawan shallot).
A hint of virgin turnip seed oil.

Primi piatti (Pasta/Rice)

–Handmade,rich-egg-yolk long pasta
with fresh black truffle from Australia.
\3,780 (+\1,080)

–Handmade ravioli staffed with mushrooms and ricotta cheese
with broiled sweet corn crema,24 months aged palmigiano
and black truffle from Australia on Top.
\3,780 (+\1,080)

–Handmade long pasta.
with conger cooked in red wine and Kujyo-leek.
A hint of Japanese pepper.

–Handmade pasta(the shape is small dumpling)
which is infused Japanese mustard spinach into the dough
with veal ragu.Horseradish on top

–Handmade(the shape is rhombus)
with sucking piglet and fennel ragu.

Watercress Risotto with Ayu(Jananese trout) confit
and Edamame (green soy beans).
※Please note that only course order per table is aveailable

Secondi piatti (Main dish)

Pesce (Fish dish)

Sawara (Japanese Spanish mackerel)poele:
Style of Zuppa di pesce(Fish soup in Italian)
with roasted paprika and basil gnocchi.

Carne (Meat dish)

Charcoal roasted Ezo pork
with a syrup sauce of carob from Sicily.

Charcoal roasted dry aging lamb chop
with condiment made of taggiasca olive,caper,
semidry tomato,thyme.
Charcoal roasted Hokkaido veal
Served with eggplant puree and small salada of
Mizu-nasu(eggplant which can be eaten row),
snow pea and mint.

Charcoal roasted dry aging beef
with Japanese horseradish and balsamic sauce \7,020(+\1,400)

Charcoal roasted young pigeon with pigeon liver paste sauce

Dolci (Dessert)

Tiramisu \1,080

White peach compote with lime sorbe.
Sliced almond and lime zest on top.

Bianco mangiare which is made with fromage blanc.
(fresh cheese milk pudding)
Served with fresh blueberry syrup,peppermint
and grappa gelato.

Banana crema catalane and black tea brioche
served with coconut and rum sauce.

Chocolate plate of five different kinds of texture
–Chocolate pudding, cold chocolate with a light texture,
thin backed chocolate, chocolate with sugar crystals,
small chocolate cookie, pistachio gelato –

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