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Menu Pranzo 4,860yen 

※10% serves fee will be charged.The prices listed include taxes.
※Lunch is open for Monday, Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday and Holiday.

Inizio (Amuse bouches)
・Baked corn. Gelato with burned butter.

Antipasto (Starter)
・Marined scallops with fried Sakura shrimp,   Cauliflower(fresh and crema),Nemagaridake(rooted bamboo),Ooba(Red Shiso)emulsion and Lemon jelly.

Primo Piatto (Pasta/Risotto)
・Chitarra:Handmade long pasta withAkanasu(Chinese scarlet eggplant),Cherry tomatoes,Japanese walnuts.Sauteed bread crumbs on top.                                                                                           
・Ayu(sweet fish)confit with baked watercress risotto.Hanaho-jiso(Red shiso'sflower),Anchovy powder and Edamame(Green soy beans)on top.
Secondo Piatto (Main dish)
・Low temperature roasted Hokkaido venison  with Kihada berry(a kind of Japanese spice)sause and Fushimi pepper confiture.
Dolce (Dessert)
・Baked pecorino cheese cake with cracked baked tart and Thyme gelato.