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Menu Pranzo 4,860yen 

※10% serves fee will be charged.The prices listed include taxes.
※Lunch is open for Monday, Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday and Holiday.

Inizio (muse bouches)
・Kaga Renkon(lotus loots)
using three kinds of techniques. 
Puree/Roasted with half dried-bonito/Chips with black truffle.
Antipasto (Starters)
・Spanish mackerel which is sautéed skin side with its broth and grated yam potato.
Wasabi leaves pickled in brine,small potato chips,sautéed uncured ham on top.
Primi Piatti (Pasta/Risotto)
・Tajarin (Tagliolini) –Handmade rich-egg-yolk long pasta with whelk,canola flower,green olive and peschiola (pickled small peach).
・Risotto with baked banboo shoot,Taiwanese mountain crude pepper and caper.
Secondo Piatto (Main dish)
・Low temperature roasted Hokkaido duck breast with sautéed spinach and its puree.Semi dried steuben grapes on top.
Dolce (Dessert)
・Toasted bread gerato with fresh panana,caramelized walnuts.
Banana milk sauce and clove on top.