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・Spumante Metodo Classico Brut 1,730yen
Birra/Beer (Bottle)
・Menabrea  860yen
Aperitivo del Giorno/Cocktail
・Cocktail of Fruit and Spumante  1,400yen


Grass wine set (Served with each dish)
5 wines at a half glass each ~4,430yen ~
5 wines at a glass each ~8,420yen~
※ With a glass of spumante  5,940yen~ /9,940yen~

[Lunch time]

4 wines at a half glass each  3,540yen~
4 wines at a glass each  6,740yen~
※ With a glass of spumante  5,050yen~ /8,250yen~
We offer various kinds of wine in accordance with your dishes. You may enjoy different kinds of wine rather than ordering a bottle of wine. Please try a variety of wines at this occasion. Please feel free to ask us if you have any questions or requests such as reducing the volume or number of wines.

※The prices listed include taxes.
※10% serves fee will be charged.